Producing perfect liners for drums, plastic jars for foods and many other plastic containers for hydraulics, gardening and automotive industries, is Piccoli Plast’s strong suit!

We are able to produce liners that fit like a satin glove in the hand of a diva, like charming stockings for the perfect legs of a gorgeous lady. Let’s tell you how!

Our PE-LD liners perfectly adapt to coat standard buckets, drums with movable lids, ISO-container drums and conical frustum drums, from 10 to 217 l.

By using our coating liners, your drums remain cleaner and more protected, assuring at the same time an easier waste disposal. Do you remember all those processes that laws require to respect anytime you need to wash a drum?

You don’t need to do that anymore, just dispose the liner!

Got your interest? Find out more about our liners for drums in our catalog.

Serie Juice Camicie Liner