Cosmetics, cleansers, pharmaceuticals, coating, paints, inks, foods. Every product requires its specific plastic container packaging. We make it for you, with the best blow molding process affordable.
We provide a wide range of standard plastic container productions: plastic cosmetic bottles, jugs, pots, vases, flasks… Our range of liners is very remarkable too, with different shapes and sizes, ranging from 5 ml up to 200 lts.
You can choose your ideal items in standard or custom colors and, if you prefer, we also provide a decoration service in really no time.
We work on different types of materials to produce our plastic container packaging such as HDPE, PP, PETG, PVC, PET.
On more, our company is specialized in PE-LD liners, standard or tapered, used for buckets coating, 10 to 217 l standard drums and ISO-container drums.

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Our aim is customer satisfaction. To achieve this we try to offer more innovative products. But this is not enough. We want to make our products taking care of the environment and of all our staff.
For this reason Piccoli Plast has embarked on a new "green" path offering its customers the possibility to purchase item realized with raw material coming from renewable sources (sugar cane) with the same characteristics as traditional containers. Green Polyethylene helps reduce greenhouse gases and it is 100% recyclable.
At the same time, despite the general economic situation that our country is going through, we have invested our resources by replacing obsolete production facilities operating by oil circuits with new less noisy machines with electric movements featuring low power consumption.

In our "small" we try to use less energy and make less noise.

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