We in Piccoli Plast company are constantly committed in improving and increasing our wide range of plastic bottles, cans, jars and pots for cosmetics, chemical, pharmaceutical, foods and coating industries.

Our plastic packaging production goes from PVC, HDPE, PET, PETG and PP bottles, to PP and HDPE pots and jars, realized in different shapes and capacities. We can also customize our plastic bottles according to any your needs, both if you want some decoration or if you have any specific requests about production times.

Our goal is to shape your own ideas and to provide always new packaging solutions for your business, guaranteeing a flawless service and ever more innovative products.

Browse our catalog and find out many brand-new models of plastic bottles!

  • 000-kristal-pet
  • 001-cosmea-pet
  • 002-zen-pet
  • 0021-olimpia_pet

  • 003-zoe-pet
  • 0032-Airless_small
  • 0033-Airless_medium
  • 0034-Airless_big

  • 004-lodi
  • 005-cosmea
  • 006-ely-big
  • 007-ely

  • 008-cremona
  • 009-cremona_big-cover
  • 010-cremonafoamer
  • 012-maiorca

  • 013-minorca
  • 014-londonlarge
  • 015-londonsmall
  • 016-aurora

  • 017-maleo
  • 018-sprint
  • 019-carrier
  • 020-cosmea_hair

  • 021-codogno-slim
  • 022-giotto-tony
  • 023-silhouette
  • 024-slim

  • 025-drop
  • 026-landi
  • 027-picasso
  • 028-square1

  • 029-dalia
  • 030-gilda
  • 031-marte
  • 032-olimpia

  • 033-leo1
  • 034-roma
  • 035-perla
  • articolivari01

  • articolivari02
  • vasi01
  • vasi02

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